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Technology-enabled care – empowering the people we support

We are Alternative Futures Group, a leading health and social care charity providing specialist support for people a learning disability or mental health condition. We are passionate about empowering the people we support to use the right technology at the right time to enhance their lives and create independence and value.

Empowering Sarah to use her voice

Sarah, 37 years old, is one of the people we support in St Helens. Sarah has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, learning disabilities and dysphagia.

Following a breakdown in relationships with previous support providers, Sarah’s team at AFG supported her to pass an assessment for an advanced communication tool which enables her to build full sentences for the first time. The team support her to participate in a range of activities including hydrotherapy, boxing and discos.

Positive outcomes for Sarah

  • Use of advanced communication tool to express herself
  • Discharged from Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)
  • Enjoys regular activities, events and hobbies
  • Improvement in physical and mental wellbeing

Anthony using his creative skills & getting active

Anthony, 47 years old, is one of the people we support in Lancashire. Anthony has a learning disability and is non-verbal.

Anthony’s Support Worker Mick talks about supporting Anthony to use everyday technology, such as a smart phone and smart watch borrowed from our Tech Lending Library, to enhance his life.

Positive outcomes for Anthony

  • Increased confidence and independence to make own decisions
  • Improved digital literacy
  • Improved social interactions
  • Improved physical health due to increased exercise

Supporting David to safely self-medicate

David is one of the people we support in Cheshire. He previously needed 24/7 access to a support worker to help him take his medication, due to his diagnoses of schizophrenia, autism and a history of stockpiling and overdosing on his medication.

AFG formed a collaboration with PAMAN, a world leader in digital care services and remote patient medication management. We offered him this innovative technology, which means that his medication is in a lockable box which is timed to open when he is due to take it, and a qualified pharmacist calls to do a welfare check and watches through video link to ensure that he takes his medication correctly. As part of his ongoing development and because of the introduction of the PAMAN system, he is able to safely self-medicate without relying on support staff.

Positive outcomes for David

  • Safely self-medicates
  • Reduction in support required
  • Increased independence