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Our restraint reduction statement


Alternative Futures Group is committed to reducing the need for restrictive practices as set out in ‘Positive and Proactive Care (DH April 2014). The guidance and policy are aimed at promoting the development of therapeutic and trauma informed environments thus minimising all forms of restrictive practices.

We aim to deliver care that is therapeutic, and recovery focussed, in environments that are safe, and trauma informed. There will be a focus on preventing behaviours that cause concern, through adopting the principles of least restrictive practice and promotion of a positive culture through effective and compassionate leadership.

AFG are further committed to carrying out its functions and care delivery in line with a Human Rights based approach and the FREDA principles of Fairness, Respect, Equality, Dignity, and Autonomy. In line with Section 6 of the Human Rights Act, we will uphold and promote human rights in all we do.

Policy on the use of Physical Interventions

Our policy has been updated in line with ‘Mental Health Units use of Force Act, 2018’ and ‘Towards Safer Services, 2022’. The policy aims to provide guidance to our staff in the recognition, prevention and management of violence and aggression, therefore enabling the provision of safe and therapeutic environments for our patients, staff and visitors. Such interventions are always considered a last resort and would be discussed with you, the Multi-Disciplinary Team and were appropriate, your family/carers.

Risk assessment and management

It is essential that on admission/referral or initial contact a clinical risk assessment is carried out and a risk management plan/my safety plan put into place. This should be developed wherever possible in collaboration with the you and your family/carer. Plans should record known triggers of behaviours that challenge, i.e., past trauma, substance misuse, based on current observations, previous history. This will help staff to know how best to support you in times of crisis. You will also be supported to make an Advanced Statement if you wish. It is important for patients and staff to feel both physically and psychologically safe.


All our staff receive training in Positive Behaviour Support, conflict resolution and application of physical techniques should the need arise.


This statement will be updated on an annual basis or sooner to reflect any change to legislation.


This statement is made pursuant to the requirements of the Restraint Reduction Network, Mental Health use of Force Act, 2018 and Towards Safer Services, 2022.