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Enhanced Supported Living

Our Enhanced Supported Living approach helps to provide consistency in people’s lives. Through our dedicated community teams we can access a wide range of clinicians and services tailored to support a person’s needs.

By enabling people to live independently again, our support package reduces the potential for relapse or readmission back to acute services.

Working closely with other teams of professionals in the community we can signpost people to access additional services they may need to aid their recovery.

Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach provision is all about being able to offer just enough support to help with recovery and to not overwhelm someone with additional services that aren’t required.

Through our digitally enabled services, we can tailor support to ensure it is personalised, comfortable and not too restrictive.

Our Community Outreach Team are on hand to identify when additional support is needed, such as therapeutic interventions and clinical advice.

We are continuously working with local commissioners, multi-disciplinary teams and provider partners to ensure an individual’s interests are at the forefront of everything we do.

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Natalie Willetts

Head of Operations – Community and Adult Care Homes