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Our Independent Hospitals

We provide specialist mental health services at six independent hospitals across Cheshire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester.

Here our dedicated multidisciplinary teams provide person-centred support for adults with complex mental health needs, with a focus on rehabilitation and recovery, reablement, crisis intervention and relapse prevention.

The team use a blend of nursing, occupational therapy and psychotherapeutic techniques to support people through their rehabilitation journey and on to independent living.

Based in the heart of communities with excellent transport links, amenities and community support networks, we’re proud to be rated by CQC as either ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ across all six services.

Our pathway to recovery

We put patients at the heart of their recovery journey by involving them in creating and reviewing their care plans and goals. Our expert clinical teams provide therapeutic support with cognitive behaviour therapy and psychosocial interventions, alongside a range of support groups and activities within the hospital.

As the patient progresses in their recovery journey, we will work proactively with them to plan for their discharge from the hospital ensuring they feel confident taking their next steps. This includes support with managing medication, recognising signs of relapse and coping strategies, education on daily life skills and more.

Once an individual is ready to move on from the hospital, we can offer stepdown options tailored to their needs, whether that is one of our supported living schemes or through outreach support in the community.

We are uniquely placed to provide clinical support in the community from our hospital services where needed, resulting in a successful move to more independent living and reduction in unnecessary admissions to acute services.

Meet John, a Mental Health Nurse at one of our Independent Hospitals

John supports people experiencing a range of mental health conditions on their journey to recovery at one of our Independent Hospitals. Here he talks about what the role involves day to day and what motivates him to work in mental health.

Nursing associates

We’re proud to be working with Salford Univerity and Edge Hill University to offer our existing Support Workers the opportunity to complete a Trainee Nurse Associate Programme.

Our first cohort are currently completing training at our Independent Hospitals, alongside attending university and completing assessments to work towards their qualifications.

Will I have my own bathroom?

Yes, all bedrooms are en suite with a shower and we have communal bathrooms with bathing facilities.

Can I access Therapy?

Yes. On admission all patients are screened with their consent to identify what therapy they may need, during the referral period each hospital will identify if our service can offer the needed Therapy and will clearly communicate if we are unable to provide a specialist treatment out of our remit.

Where is the nearest shop/supermarkets/shopping centre?

All our Hospitals are located in the local communities with transport links and shops very locally.

Can I smoke and are we provided with E-Cigs?

Yes, we have dedicated smoking areas outside, there is strictly no smoking inside the Hospital building. On admission (or prior) we will support a referral to smoking cessation services where patients are offered a 12 week support plan with a choice of two NRT products.

Is it safe?

All our Hospitals are rated at least Good with CQC, we check with patients regularly directing asking “do you feel safe?” Opportunities are available at all times for patients to feedback any concerns.

What am I allowed to keep in my room?

Whilst we want to make a patients stay personalised we do have a Volumatic control policy which you can access on request, this ensures patient and staff safety

Who will my doctor be?

Each Hospital has a different RC/Consultant who works as part of a Multi-Disciplinary Team, Each patient will meet the RC on the day of admission.

Am I provided with meals?

Yes. All meals are provided and the you will choose your meals daily. You will also have the choice through your recovery to cook for yourself as frequently as possible supported by the Team.

Can someone be admitted if they need a short/longer pathway?

Yes, we are open to look at differing packages in response to changing commissioning needs and Individual cases.

Can I come and go as I please?

This will depend if you admitted informally or formally. You will be fully involved in your own care and risk planning and we look to be least restrictive in all aspects of care, utilising a pro risk approach which actively encourages community access and connection.

How long would I need to stay?

Every person is different but our pathway/length of stay is aimed at 12 Months.

What are the visiting hours?

We do not have strict visiting times and work with each individual to ensure we meet their personalised needs whilst being considerate of all patient’s needs.

What is the inclusion/exclusion criteria?

These can be seen in detail in the service specification but our main criteria is we provide inpatient services for people of a working age with a primary diagnosis of severe and or enduring Mental illness who are looking to engage in a recovery pathway.

How do I refer someone?

For each Hospital the referral pathway is slightly different, please contact the Head of Operations for more details. We will ask for a minimum data set including MHA status, RC report/social circumstances report and risk/advanced risk assessments.

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