Rodney, 71, lives in one of our supported living properties in Burnley. We spoke to Rodney and his Support Worker, Tarim, about his priorities, why voting is important and how we support people to use their voice.

Rodney, what are your main priorities in the general election?

Health, food and safety.

What do you think the government should do?

Provide me with good health services. Keep the bus and train fare same. Reduce the food prices. Safety.

What needs to change?

Prices of food and everything needs to be low.

Tarim, how have you supported Rodney to exercise his right to vote?

I supported him in understanding each party manifesto by using the ‘My vote, My voice’ campaign Easy Read manifestos links. I told him about each manifesto in simple words without using complex and jargon words.

When Rodney was living at his previous residence, he would cast his vote in person which he began to find difficult, so since he moved into his home here I have supported him to vote by post so he can cast his vote in a familiar environment.

I helped him to get set up to do his vote by post when he moved here in 2021 using the online process which was straightforward.

Have you enjoyed supporting Rodney and the other people you support to vote?

One of the most important things I can do as a support worker is empower the people we support to vote.

I find joy in empowering people we support to utilise their voting rights, support social justice and contribute to a more equal society.

Are you planning to vote yourself?

Yes, I am also going to vote as I believe that voting is the only way to make a difference in a country – every vote counts.