Our Chief Officer Ian Pritchard responds to the removal of the dedicated position for Minister for Disability.

“The government has confirmed they are removing the dedicated minister position for disabled people and combining the responsibilities with another junior ministerial position. 

This decision raises serious questions and uncertainties about the government’s commitment to the people we support. 

It is crucial to have dedicated leadership focused on advocating for the rights and needs of individuals with disabilities, ensuring their voices are heard at policy making levels

This is yet another own goal from the government which adds to their wider failure to urgently address the long overdue health and social care reform.

As an organisation deeply invested in supporting adults with disabilities, it’s essential for us to engage with relevant stakeholders and advocate for policies that prioritise the rights, wellbeing and inclusion of individuals with disabilities in society. We must ensure that any governmental changes or policies reflect a genuine commitment to empowering and supporting our community effectively.

We urge the Prime Minister to reverse his decision and reinstate a Minister for Disabled People.”