What we’re about

At AFG, we’ve been changing lives, creating independence and achieving great outcomes for the brilliant people we support for 30 years. We’ve created lots of magical memories and continue to shape future opportunities to involve the people we support as they go about their daily lives in the local community; and also opportunities to bring families, friends and everyone together to shape our future.

Looking to the future AFG is changing. We’re becoming more modern, progressive and embracing the digital age. We welcome the support and freedom that technology provides. Both for us as an organisation and for the people we support.

This makes AFG what it is. We love what we do and it shows. The essence of how we work together and achieve things is in our DNA. It shapes our identity and what we’re all about. We have amazing people at AFG who live and breathe our organisational values. We want everyone to enjoy what we do in our work, have fun and share that enthusiasm with our people and partners to create a ‘world where people control their lives’. Together we can unlock even more skills, gifts and talents so the people we support can achieve their dreams, goals and aspirations.

So when it came to thinking about our organisational vision, mission and values, we worked closely with our amazing AFG colleagues and the people we support to create them. They’re not just words on a page. They have meaning. They describe what AFG is all about. They get people excited by what is possible. They resonate with people who want to come and work for us.

It’s how we get the amazing people, who do amazing things, everyday at AFG.

So let’s see them…

Our vision

A world where people control their lives.

Our mission

Together with our people and partners we will unlock skills, gifts and talents to support everyone’s right to choose and achieve their aspirations.

Our ambition

To be the market leading provider of innovative and digitally-connected support for our people.

Our ethos

Amazing people…doing amazing things…everyday.

Our values

We are one

We succeed together with a shared purpose and vision. We inspire others, take pride in what we do and trust each other. We all have a part to play.

We raise the bar

We learn from the past, are adaptive and excited by our future. We innovate and lead the way. We strive for best quality with least waste. Better never stops.

Every person matters

We are people focused and value skills, gifts and potential. We listen. How people think and feel matters; everyone has a voice.

We make a positive difference

We change lives. Our ‘can do’ attitude and passion enables people to be the best they can be.

We take ownership

We do the right thing, are solution focused and get results. We are responsible for our behaviour and hold each other to account.